Join us for Worship at 11:00am on Sunday Mornings

We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word. It is written to reveal who God is, His Holy nature, and His Will. The Word also reveals God's love for His created beings, all people. And His ultimate desire for their salvation. His Word gives us examples and instruction in living a life that glorifies God our creator. One of the most important tools available to each christian.

Sunday Service Streams

Our Service Streams are recorded and posted to our Youtube Channel. Click on the graphic below for more information. 

Bible Study

Lampton Baptist Church has an active prayer life, and members of Lampton Baptist Church are encouraged to participate in worship and develop a regular practice of prayer!

Join us for Prayer and Bible Study on Wednesdays at Noon on Zoom and Facebook Live


The Deacons

The Deacons serve God by being of service to the Pastor and the people. Service to the Pastor by helping him look after the people. The Deacons have the responsibility of calling, visiting, and praying for the members. The Deacons try to keep peace and harmony among the members by helping to resolve conflict and by being examples of humble servants so the Church can move forward in God's will.

Sunday School

Sunday school is an extension of Christian education. Sunday school is the place that teaches members to be good disciples and stewards of God's word. You learn what God expects of you, how to treat others, how to handle blessings, how to react in every situation of life by studying God's Word.

Senior Ministry

To show love, support and to uplift our senior adult population.
To encourage our adult seniors to continue to use their gifts and experience that God has given them to bring to God.

The Seniors are about passing down experience about God’s faithfulness to them.
The type of individuals needed to achieve our mission are dependable, able to interact with all age groups, and be a planner

Missionary Ministry

Our mission as a missionary ministry is to minister to the necessities of our congregation and community. To impact lives in such a way that others are able to see Christ through our works. We are to care for all people, build a healthy community and work towards the advancement of God‘s kingdom.

Spirit of David

Our mission is to interpret through dance the diverse attributes of Christ. We strive to engage and uplift those we ministry to with the desire to lead others to Christ.

Christian Education Ministry

Lula McMillan - Director of Christian Education

Our mission is to provide the vision, structure, and coordination necessary to develop programs for the spiritual development of children, youth, and adults of the Lampton Baptist Church.

Goals and Objectives

Provide opportunities for spiritual growth through Sunday School and Vacation Bible School to better equip members for serving God.

To develop leadership through training programs and Christian education workshops.

To empower and strengthen members' commitment to Christ.

To encourage the continuation of "Best Practices" in Christian education through teachers' meetings.

To develop and manage the annual budget for the educational programs.

To work with the Pastor, Superintendent of Sunday School, and teachers to evaluate and/or develop engaging age-appropriate curricula for the Sunday School programs as needed.

To recruit teachers and facilitators from across the congregation to support education programs such as the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and the pre-school.

To provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and training to the new members of the Lampton Baptist Church. Evaluations will be given to each member as he/she completes the class.

To worship God in spirit and in truth.

The Christian Education Ministry actively seeks individuals who are responsible, reliable, motivated, and have a passion to teach. We seek teachers and leaders who demonstrate in-depth Bible knowledge and are active church members with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Music Council

The music council was formed to be an advocate for the music and dance departments for the Lampton Baptist Church; to strengthen the development of our choirs, musicians and our dance teams.

People to be involved

Members that are interested in the music ministry and the development of our choirs, musicians, and dance teams.

Hubert Hagan Educational Fund

Burnett Anderson - Chairperson

The mission of the Hubert Hagan Educational Fund is to recognize the members of Lampton Baptist Church for their educational accomplishments from grade school through graduate school and to encourage them for their achievements and honors. 

People to be involved

Members who have a passion for our students and their educational accomplishments

Safety and Security

The safety and security team at Lampton Baptist Church protects the members during worship and other activities held at the church building. The team also works with the newly formed Covid team to make sure all protocols are followed for the well being of all members during the current pandemic. Must have a heart to serve and protect.


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